Susanna Farnham Clarke

Portrait of Susannah Farnham Clarke Copley by John Singleton Copley

(1745 – 1836)

Occupation: Wife, Mother

Class: The Better Sort

Political Scale: 3

OSH Clearance: No Admittance

You are the wife of a renowned artist at the pinnacle of Boston society, but your family connections force you to declare sides in the Revolution.

  • Your father is a Loyalist merchant for the British East India Company. Most of the tea destroyed in the Boston Tea Party comes from his ship.
  • You marry John Singleton Copley, the painter, and have six children.
  • Your husband uses you as a model in a painting depicting the Goddess of Love.
  • You have social connections to people on both sides of the political fence.
  • After the Boston Tea Party, you are forced to declare Loyalty to the Crown and flee to London.

Social Network:

  • John Singleton Copley (Husband)
  • Richard Clarke (father)
  • Elizabeth Winslow Clarke (mother)
  • Jonathan Clarke (brother)
  • Henry Pelham (brother-in-law)