Mercy Scollay (1741-1826)


Class: Middling Sort

Political Scale: 8 (Patriot)

Allowed in the Old State House? No Admittance.

·You become engaged to Dr. Joseph Warren, Patriot leader, as the war begins. As much as you are committed to its cause, the war will rob you of personal happiness.

  • You are born into an influential Boston family, which throws its weight behind the Patriot cause.
  • After your fiancé’s death at the Battle of Bunker Hill, you and your brother take in his four children. Because Dr. Warren was the Grand Master, you are supplied with some money by the Freemasons for their care.
  • Benedict Arnold assists you in getting Dr. Warren’s pension to provide for his children.
  • The children are officially adopted by their uncle two years later. You never marry and live with your sister until your death.

Social NetworkEdit

  • Dr. Joseph Warren, fiance
  • Samuel Adams, friend
  • Benedict Arnold, friend
  • John Hancock, friend
  • John Scollay, Father
  • Priscilla Scollay Melvill, Sister