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Lawyer and Politician
The Better Sort
Political Views
Radical Patriot (8)

You are one of the greatest legal and political minds of your generation but not always easy to get along with.

  • Your ambition and drive as a young lawyer thrust you onto the political stage.
  • You can be difficult and arrogant, earning you some enemies. However, your unrivaled legal genius and quirky charm also earn you friends and supporters.
  • Despite your political views you represent the soldiers accused of murder at the Boston Massacre.
  • You spend many years away from your beloved wife, Abigail, staying in touch with frequent letters.
  • The Massachusetts Constitution, a model for the U.S. Constitution, was drafted by your hand.

Social NetworkEdit

  • Abigail Adams (Wife)
  • Samuel Adams (Second Cousin)
  • John Hancock (Friend)
  • Benjamin Edes (Friend)
  • John Gil (Friend)
  • Thomas Jefferson (Frenemy)