Middling Sort
Political Views
Staunch Loyalists (2)

Allowed in the Old State House? No admittance

You are a pair of stubborn and independent-minded sisters, and as shopkeepers you refuse to boycott the sale of British goods.

  • When you are orphaned, a shopkeeper named Elizabeth Murray gives you and your sister financial support to start your own store.
  • A Patriot newspaper publishes your name in a list of those who are “enemies to the country” because you import British goods.
  • After this article is published, sales at your store actually increase as your Loyalist friends rally to support your business.
  • In 1776 when British authorities evacuate Boston, you and your sister move to Halifax in Canada and establish a new, even more prosperous, store.

Social Network Edit

  • Elizabeth Murray (Mentor and Teacher)
  • John Mein (Friend)